The Amazing Benefits of Keeping Pet Cats Indoors.

Keeping Pet Cats Indoors

Discover the importance of keeping pet cats indoors in high-rise Singapore. Learn about the dangers cats face outside and how indoor living can increase their safety, health, bonding.

Introduction: Keeping Pet Cats Indoors

In high-rise Singapore, allowing your cat to roam outdoors can lead to injuries, neighbourhood disturbances, and strained relationships with neighbours. This article highlights the reasons why keeping pet cats indoors is the best choice. By providing ample resources, play stimulation, attention, and a dedicated space indoors, your cat can lead a fulfilling and safe life.

The Dangers of the Outdoors

Many cats become roadkill, paralysed, & lose their limbs because of car accidents. Outdoor cats are susceptible to various injuries that lead to medical emergencies & hefty vet bills. They also become food for predators such as snakes & monitor lizards when they wander into unfamiliar territories. By keeping pet cats indoors, you ensure they are protected from these potential hazards.

Maintaining Good Neighbourly Relations

Outdoor cats disturb the neighbourhood by fighting with other animals, & digging pots & plants. They also enter neighbour’s property as most of us live along a corridor, poop & pee in the open. There are too many cases wherein a roaming pet cat is abused, beaten, thrown from height or killed. Keeping pet cat indoors can lead to a more peaceful coexistence with neighbours. Unless you live in a big landed property with a patio to keep him safe, indoors is where he belongs.

By spending more time together indoors, you engage in interactive play, grooming & cuddling sessions. This enhances the physical & emotional connection between you & your cat.

Health Benefits of Keeping Pet Cats Indoors

Indoor cats tend to live longer & experience fewer health issues. Outdoor cats are more exposed to contagious diseases, parasites & accidents. By allowing your cat to roam, you are exposing him to other cats who may be carriers of viruses. Such as FIV, FELV & be left undefended against unsterilised & territorial cats. Your cat may come home injured, FIV/FELV positive or with open wounds. By keeping pet cats indoors, you’re minimising their exposure to these health risks.

Complying with Rules and Regulations

In Singapore, condos have their own by-laws set by their MCST councils. An MCST has the right to disallow roaming animals on their premises. If you live in such a condo & allow your cat to roam, your cat is at risk of being trapped & removed by pest controllers. Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), a governing body in Singapore, also has a Code of Animal Welfare for pet owners to abide to in regards to Responsible Pet Ownership.

Controlling Diet and Health

If you allow your cat to roam, you have little control over who feeds him, & what pests he picks up. Perhaps a crunchy cockroach or a wriggly rat, that might affect its health. If your cat is on a specific diet, you will not be able to keep him/her strictly on. They are many cases of unhappy residents poisoning community cats & which your cat may fall victim to.

Strengthening the Bond with Your Cat

Keeping pet cats indoors often forms stronger bonds with their pawrents. By spending more time together indoors, you can engage in interactive play, grooming & cuddling sessions. This enhances the physical & emotional connection between you & your cat. You miss out on them keeping you company while you work & watch tv.


Providing a stimulating and cat-proofed environment indoors, ensures the safety, health, and happiness of your cat. Keeping pet cats indoors strengthens the bond between you and your feline friend. Improving the quality of your relationship with them. Embrace the joys of indoor living, providing love, attention, and appropriate stimulation, while keeping potential dangers at bay.

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