New Ways To Optimise Your Pet’s Nutrition: Exploring Toppers, Supplements, And Inexpensive Tips For Better Health

Introduction: Optimising Your Pet’s Nutrition

In the aisles lined with pet food options that stretch for what feels like miles, finding the right nutrition for your furry friend can sometimes feel like a daunting task. We all know that fresh, homemade meals are the gold standard, but let’s be real – life gets busy, and not everyone has the time or resources for that. Fret not, fellow pet parents! There are still plenty of ways to give your pet’s meals a little extra oomph without a culinary degree or a hefty wallet.

Now, when it comes to topping off your pet’s plate, don’t limit yourself to the fancy stuff at the pet store. Your local grocery aisles are a treasure trove of topper possibilities, just waiting to be discovered. Be sure to carefully review the ingredient list to avoid any harmful additives. Remember, simpler ingredients are often better. Just like us, our pets need to stay hydrated, especially if they’re chowing down on dry kibble. Adding a bit of moisture to their meal is as easy as pouring a bit of broth, lactose-free pet milk, coconut water or even just plain water over their food. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s sure to make your pet’s taste buds happy.

Beneficial Supplements to Bolster Pet’s Nutrition

There is a wide array of beneficial supplements available in both fresh and synthetic forms that can be used to enhance your pet’s meals. Let’s start with probiotics. Powdered probiotics are beneficial for supporting your pet’s immune and digestive systems, minimising gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea and constipation, and promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Fresh options such as raw goat milk and yoghurt provide additional sources of probiotics. If your pet is sensitive to lactose, be sure to get lactose-free options for any dairy products.

Omega-3 fatty acids can benefit your pet in many ways, such as promoting joint health, bolstering healthy brain function, regulating the immune system, reducing inflammation and improving their skin and coat. Omega-3 fish oil can be purchased off the shelves easily. Fresh sources such as green-lipped mussels and oily fish like sardines and salmon are great additions and can be found freeze-dried or dehydrated. Canned sardines in water (without added salt) can be a convenient way to incorporate Omega-3 into your pet’s meals.

In addition to being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, green-lipped mussels also contain glucosamine, which contributes to joint health. Fresh sources of glucosamine can be found in poultry feet, necks, bone broth and organ meats. Eggshell membranes, another source of glucosamine, can be peeled off cracked eggs and saved for consumption. Additionally, eggshells can be crushed and fed to your pets as well as a calcium supplement.

Dehydrated bones, poultry feet and poultry necks contribute positively to your pet’s dental health. Chewing on these items helps to remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth. Additionally, serving them as chews can offer mental stimulation for your pet. It is crucial to steer clear of feeding cooked bones to your pets, as they have a tendency to splinter and lead to potential health issues. Remember to supervise your pet whenever providing any type of chew to prevent choking hazards.

Incorporating vegetables and fruits into your pet’s meals can be beneficial, but it’s crucial to do so in moderation. These should only constitute around 10% of their overall diet. Vegetables, abundant in fibre, antioxidants and various nutrients, offer a range of health benefits. Since dogs lack the enzymes necessary for digesting vegetables effectively, it’s essential to cook them thoroughly and cut them into small pieces. Easily accessible options like broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, and cauliflower can be included in your pet’s meals. Fruits, although nutritious, contain sugars that should be monitored carefully. It’s important to be aware that certain vegetables and fruits can be harmful to dogs, just like other types of foods. Conducting thorough research before introducing any new food to your pet’s diet is crucial for their safety.

You can add these toppers to your pet’s meals every day. Just choose ingredients that match your pet’s size and health. Both dogs and cats can benefit from what’s mentioned here, but be careful with foods that might worsen certain health issues. Always check with your vet before trying something new in their diet.

Innovative Options to serving a meal.

To further enrich your pet’s dining experience, think beyond the bowl and consider using slow feeders, snuffle mats or frozen bowls. These innovative options provide more than just a meal – they offer mental stimulation and engagement.

Slow feeders

Slow feeders are fantastic for pets who gobble down their food too quickly. These specialised bowls have obstacles and ridges to slow down eating, encouraging your pet to savour each bite and engage in a more natural eating behaviour.

Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mats are another great option, especially for dogs who love to sniff and explore. These mats are filled with nooks and crannies where you can hide your pet’s kibble or treats, turning mealtime into a fun scavenger hunt. Watching them use their noses to find their food is not only entertaining but also mentally stimulating for them.

Frozen Bowls

For an extra dose of excitement, try freezing your pet’s meals in a bowl. As they lick away at the frozen goodness, they will not only enjoy a tasty treat but also engage in a calming activity that can help reduce anxiety and tire them out. It’s a win-win for both mental and physical enrichment!


Whether you opt for a slow feeder, snuffle mat or a frozen bowl, adding these enrichment tools to your pet’s mealtime routine can turn a simple feeding into a stimulating and satisfying experience. So there you have it – a guide to upgrading your pet’s meals without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen. After all, a happy pet is a healthy pet and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing those tail wags and purrs of contentment after a delicious meal!

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