Discover the Charming Tenterfield Terrier: A Unique Breed with a Rich History

Tenterfield Terrier

Learn about the Tenterfield Terrier, a small and agile breed originating from Australia. Get insights into their history, distinct characteristics, and their role as versatile companions. Meet Lambert, a Tenterfield Terrier making his mark in Singapore, and his exciting journey in agility and swimming.

Introduction of the Tenterfield Terrier

The Tenterfield Terrier is a unique breed known for its agility and diverse coat colors. Originating from Australia, these small dogs have a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Often confused with the Jack Russell Terrier, Tenterfields possess a more reserved and gentle nature. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Lambert, a Tenterfield Terrier breed.

History and Origins of the Tenterfield Terrier

Originating from Australia, the Tenterfield Terrier is a small and agile breed, recognized for its robust build and diverse coat colours such as black and tan, liver and tan, and white.

Despite occasional confusion with the Jack Russell Terrier due to similar coat patterns, Tenterfields exhibit a more reserved nature.

Dating back to early 19th century, these terriers came with the first European settlers on the ships from Portsmouth, South of England. Only the smallest sized dogs were chosen to work on the ships as vermin and rat catchers.

There is a debate about which breed were these dogs working on the ships and most likely they were English White Terriers, small sized Fox Terriers and possibly Toy Manchester Terriers.

For a long time, these dogs were called Miniature Fox Terriers or Mini Foxies. But because these dogs were not just miniaturization of one breed but a mix breeding between small terrier breed, the name has officially changed in 1990s.

The Tenterfield terrier is named in tribute to the renowned ‘Tenterfield saddler,’ Mr. George Woolnouth, who was the grandfather of Peter Allen and owned numerous of these small terriers. Tenterfield is a town located in New South Wales, Australia.

Distinct Characteristics and Personality

Tenterfield terriers are known for their curious, lively and playful personality. They are quick learners despite their independent temperament.

Thriving in Activities and Sports

Given their working heritage, Tenterfields thrive on physical activities like walks, hikes, and jogs, excelling in dog sports such as agility and lure coursing.

Lambert’s Journey in Singapore

Our featured character today, Lambert, hails from Western Australia and who made his way to Singapore. As the lone Tenterfield Terrier in the ‘Red Dot,’ he stands out uniquely. Lambert’s distinctive appearance has perplexed both veterinarians and individuals, with none successfully identifying his breed. Additionally, his breed is absent from the veterinary records.

To maintain his fitness, he engages in lengthy daily walks. One of his short-term goals is to traverse the entire length of the Green Corridor.
Lambert thoroughly enjoys his newfound life in Singapore. He is currently actively participating in agility and swimming classes. To maintain his fitness, he engages in lengthy daily walks. One of his short-term goals is to traverse the entire length of the Green Corridor.

DNA Test and Lambert’s Captivating Story

Lambert recently marked his first birthday with a splendid celebration and treats galore as. Among his birthday gifts was a DNA test, and Lambert generously permits us to share his results with our readers, adding an intriguing twist to his captivating story


The Tenterfield Terrier is a fascinating breed with a rich history and distinct characteristics. Lambert, a remarkable member of the breed, showcases the intelligence, agility, and playful nature of Tenterfields. Discover the joy and charm of these unique dogs as Lambert continues his exciting journey.

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